Holly’s Chair…………

As I promised Holly when we made cookies Saturday night, she got to have 1 (or 2 or 3) the next day and she loved them. She sat right at her little table and ate her cookies, it was really cute. She’s all dressed up to go to a christmas party at my mom’s house with all their friends. I think she looked adorable.

She loves sitting at her table, as I’ve mentioned before. Dora is on the back of one chair (which you can see from the picture) and Boots (or Bootsie as Holly calls him) is on the back of the other chair. Well we figured out that the chair with Boots is Holly’s chair. You see, Pooh sits at the table with her a lot, and they play together. I never noticed this but Pooh is to sit in the Dora chair only. I found this out the hard way yesterday then Steve gave it a try to see if I was right. Pooh was sitting on the floor all alone so I put him at the table, just picked a chair, no big deal. Well, Miss Holly comes right over to the chair, knocks Pooh off the chair with one sweep of the arm, points to Boots on the back of the chair and says to me “Bootsie, Holly’s chair!!” It was so funny. So I just moved Pooh over and told her I was sorry I had no idea. So later on I told Steve about it so he wanted to see if it was a one time thing so he put Pooh in the chair with Boots on it. She came running over and once again, Pooh landed on the floor and she said “No Daddy, Holly’s Chair”. So that settles that. It was so funny we just sat there and laughed at her.

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