Sorry it’s been over a week since I posted but I just haven’t had a thing to say. I know that seems strange for me but really it’s the truth!! Holly is doing great, saying more and more every single day. It’s so great to be able to communicate with her but there are still times when we don’t know what she’s saying. One thing she continues to say to us is “merry christmas”. I think it’s so cute when she says it. She obviously has no idea what it means, but she’s only 2 and that’s what makes it cute. When Steve was leaving the other day, she was saying goodbye to him and told him she loved him and then she was saying something we weren’t sure of and then it came to me. She was saying merry christmas to him. We got a good laugh out of that and it left Steve with a huge grin on his face.

I know I’ve mentioned before that Holly loves to dance. But her favorite way to dance is with her sunglasses on. It’s really cute, she finds her glasses, puts them on and then turns on the music and dances around in circles. It’s so cute, and she looks so adorable in her sunglasses. Here’e s a picture of her with them on…….

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