7th Round of Chemo Done and more…

Steve finished his 7th round of Chemo last Friday and it went well.  He started eating more as his mouth sores healed and had a generally good weekend.

I just heard from the doctor and he said the surgeon doesn’t think that there is any need to worry about what they saw in the CT scan and they are leaving his colon as it is.  They will just keep an eye on how he’s feeling and if he starts to have any problems.

We are relieved because surgery means no chemo and we are not ready to stop because the tumors are still there.

This past round of chemo the doctor reduced one of the meds to hopefully stop the mouth sores from coming back. So far so good.  He does feel something in his mouth but it’s not irritated right now so hopefully it wont get bad.  An off week of chemo with no mouth sores will make us all very happy.

For those of you that have asked about the size of the tumors, here is what the CT report says about them:

Lungs: Overall decreased density and slight decrease in size of some of the nodules.

– Anteromedial basel segment of the left lover lobe measures 15 x 11 mm – previously 22 x 15
–  Heterogeneous patcy opacity in the periphery Right upper lobe measures 26 x 14 mm – previously 31 x 17 mm.

Liver: Overall there has been interval decrease in size and number of the innumerable hypodense liver lesions.

– inferior right hepatic lobe there is a 16 x 12 mm and 18 x 10 mm hypodensity – previously 26 x 21 and 29 x 17 mm.
– index lesion in the subdiaphragmatic right hepatic lobe measures 23 x 15 mm – previously 34 x 18 mm

I don’t understand what some of those words mean but for those of you that do, I figured I’d add them in.  But you can see overall there is a real good decrease in the larger tumors after just 6 chemo treatments.

Hopefully the next 6 work just as well.

Thanks to everyone for your extra prayers the past few days!!!

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