Holly’s First Day of School

Today was Holly’s first day of her new preschool. She was VERY excited this morning and could not wait to get there. She got dressed right when she got up and was ready to go. We packed up her bag with the following items…

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Change of Cloths
  3. Blanket and Sheet
  4. Pillow
  5. Littlest Pet Shop Stuffed Penguin to sleep with during her nap

And then we were out the door. I completely forgot to take a picture outside the front door, do you believe that! I will take one when we come home before going in the house so I’ll have it for the scrapbook. I’m so scatterbrained sometimes.

When we got there she was a little shy. We met a few of her new classmates, they were all very friendly and eager to be her friend. I thought it would take her a while to settle in but NOPE, she was shy for about 5 mins and that was it. She sat at the table ready to have breakfast with the rest of the kids so Allison and I left.

Once in the car, I got a little teary eyed…….she’s getting to be such a big girl. Then I got over that and realized that with her staying a longer day, I get some free time while Allison naps! And I did, she napped for 2 1/2 hours, nice!

I called around noon time to see how Holly was doing and Lori, the director said she was a natural. She made friends with Olivia and was having a GREAT time. I’m was happy to hear that, though I figured she’d do just fine. Hope she’s happy when I pick her up. We are leaving shortly to get her.

A few pictures from school this morning…

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  1. Great job, Holly! you sounded so excited tonight on the phone rattling all your new friends name in one breath! Grandpa and Nonnie are very proud!

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