She’s so silly………..

I’m so bad at coming up for titles for my posts here, and all I could think about this video is “she’s so silly”. I am in the process of clearing out our computer/craft room so we can move Holly in there after the holidays (the new baby is going in Holly’s current room). Holly discovered tonight that she fits perfectly in the cabinet under my desk for my computer tower. It was really cute watching her try and get herself in there all the way and close the door. It took her many tries before she did it but of course, she kept trying till she got it right. I grabbed the camera and took a video. It was so cute, she was being so silly!!

Here’s the video………enjoy!!!

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  1. Karen, She is so funny, I love when she said GOODBYE EVERYONE goobagobbablabla, I had to laugh out loud! BTW I LOVE YOUR ACCENT!

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