First Communion and Holly Update…..

It seems like my blog has been all about my digital layouts. Sorry about that. I’ll post a ‘Holly’ update below this layout. My nephew Jonathan (who turned 8 yesterday) made his First Communion this past May. He’s also my Godson. It’s amazing how fast the past 8 years have gone by. It seems like it was just yesterday we were awaiting his arrival, not sure if he was a boy or a girl, and very excited. It’s one of those days that will always be fresh in my memory, that’s how exciting it was. Anyways, Steve took a really nice picture of him and I the day of his party and I finally scrapped it. Thanks for looking.

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Holly has had a small cold for about a week now and she was nice enough to share it with Steve and I too. Oh how we love her! LOL We were all feeling better by the weekend then her nose started running again on Sunday and yesterday she ended up with a 103 fever. It went away pretty quickly and today she’s been feeling much better. I think she might of had a slight fever this evening but that’s about it. I hope tomorrow is even better. Considering she’s been a little under the weather, she’s been playing and talking up a storm. All of a sudden her vocabulary has double and she repeats more and more of what we say. Some of the words are still unrecognizable but she tries really hard. She’s defiently going to be a non-stop talker very soon. ….just like her mom (I know that’s what most of you are thinking so I might as well say it). We do love hearing her cute little voice and I know her grandparents are enjoying it too.

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