Birthday Party….

We had Allison’s 1st Birthday Party this past Saturday and we couldn’t of asked for a more perfect day, weather and all. It was beautiful outside and the kids had so much fun. Allison enjoyed the day but got really tired from all the days activities. She was a little bit interested in the gift opening but not interested in the cake. She cried. Part of the reason was because she was hungry and she didn’t know that was food, it didn’t look like her regular food. I’m sure someday cake will be a recognizable food for her but not at 1. Today being her actual birthday, we are going to try the cake thing again so hopefully this time she’ll enjoy it.
A few pictures from the day…. OK a LOT of pictures…..

Holly getting ready for the party…

Birthday girl in her party dress!

Grandpa and Nonnie (my parents)

The ‘not so happy’ birthday girl…
Now she’s happy, she has food! And of course she has to feed herself.

A little nap after a LONG DAY!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Karen, those pictures are precious! Jonathan and Kristopher were so happy to come tonight to see the Birthday Girl on her real birthday and of course to play with Holly. I can’t beleive she is 1 already!!!!!
    Love Nonnie

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