That cute little giggle…..

This past weekend our GREAT friends Karen, Charlie and Jessica came over to help us put together the swing set that the girl’s grandparents bought them. It was an all day Sunday project. Steve has been putting up the swings and toys during the week, but the entire structure was done on Sunday.

Last night Steve got Allison’s swing up. This is her first time on a swing and she LOVED IT. She giggled the entire time. Here is a video I made of her….so much fun!!!

Thank you Nana, Papa, Nonnie, Grandpa, Charlie, Karen, Jessica and Steve. Those giggles make it so worth it!!

PS…. Miss Allison decided that she would take 5 steps and then 10 steps on her 1st birthday!!! We are so proud of her. Shouldn’t be long before she’s running after her sister!!

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