Tat Mommum….

That’s what Holly said today when I pointed to a picture of me! Finally I’m not “dada”. That’s what she usually says when she sees a picture of me but today she said “tat mommum” tat is That which she’s never said before. I’m so happy!!!! I don’t know if she’ll say it again, but at least she’s trying!!! These are the little things that make my day brighter, especially when it started earlier than I wanted it to.

She slept better last night, but was up early again. Those darn teeth! I can’t wait until they are all out. Well I guess I really don’t want to rush that, because then it means she’s getting bigger which I’ve been having a hard time dealing with already. We are down to 2 bottles a day and trying to get her to drink milk in the sippy cup. She prefers it from a bottle and juice from a sippy cup. It’s not easy but we’ll get there eventually.

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