Happy Birthday Allison!

Happy Birthday to you…..
Happy Birthday to you…..
Happy Birthday to ALLISON…..
Happy Birthday to you…..

Dear my baby Allison,
Amazing to know that 1 year ago you were born…….before I know it you will be 18 eek!!! We’ve had a wonderful year with you and you’ve been such a sweet baby. We look forward to learning more of your personality and we can’t wait till you can walk and talk.

Love you!!!
~Mommy, Daddy and Holly

At ONE you….

Have TWO teeth (yup that’s it…barely two!!)
Your trying to walk – you are always up on your feet and taking a step here and there
You wake up at 6:00 / 6:30 everyday (not fun for mom)
You love to feed yourself and you have quite the appetite lately
You are wearing 12 month cloths and size 2-3 shoes
Your almost too big for your size 3 diapers
You do NOT like to get your diaper changed
You LOVE to go into stores and smile at just about everyone
Mommy is your favorite person and must be around at all times
You enjoy banana’s, apples, pears, sweet potatoes, squash, chicken with apples, oatmeal
You HATE peas!!! You gag every single time I try to get you to eat them, green beans are ok, some days!
You love taking baths and get right under the the running water.
You enjoy the feel of the grass
Your favorite spot to play us under the counter in the kitchen behind the stools
You say mama and dada and a few other little things
You love talking on your play phone
You love to dance

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  1. Happy Birthday, Allison! We hope to see your smiling face very soon! You’ve grown so much over the year and we have all enjoyed seeing your updates and pictures (thanks to your Mommy!). My, how time flies!

    Joe, Becky, Joey, and Tommy

  2. Happy Birthday Allison!!!!
    I love the list that you made Karen… I am going to have to remember than one for when Betty turns 1.

  3. Happy Birthday, Allison! It was great seeing you all last weekend. I’ll get the present in the mail sometime!

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