Photo Shoot

Steve took a trip earlier in the month and Jodi and Little David stayed with us for a few days. The kids had so much fun, even Allison! David and Holly are at a great age and they love to pretend and it was just a fun time. I scrapbooked a few pages from their visit….

When I dressed the girls one day I happened to but them both in red, I didn’t plan that but, when Jodi saw what they were wearing, she decided to put David also in red so they all matched. She lined them up on the couch to take a picture because they looked so cute!

She jokingly said to me “hey we should go have their picture taken somewhere”. I thought that was a great idea so I suggested we go and see what happens and we did. Here is what we got….

We were very happy with the results!

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  1. The pics are great. The ones of Holly, David and Allison are really adorable I love them. I also liked the photos of Steve’s cake, looks like the girls had fun. Love Nana

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