Sweet Sixteen!!!!!!

Happy 16th Birthday Danielle!!!!

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Today is my little cousin Danielle’s 16th Birthday and she’s getting her driver’s permit. Now when in the world did that happen. How did she get to be 16 when she was just born. It’s amazing how fast she has grown up right before my eyes. When she was little, my sister in law and I would tell her we were going to call the stores and tell them to stop making cloths so she wouldn’t grow anymore and I think she believed us back then. To bad we couldn’t really do that.

Now for some pictures…….

Her and I when she was just a little bitty baby…. (I was 17 at the time)

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My brother’s weddding, she turned 4 the day before their wedding…..

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I’m not sure when this was taken, it had to be sometime after the wedding…

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Her kindergarten picture……oh how cute!!!

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Her 1st Communion….

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My wedding….. (her and I dancing together)

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And one of my favorite school pictures that really shows she is growing up…..

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Happy Birthday Danielle!!! Have a FUN Day.
Love you!!!!!!!

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  1. Karen, that is so nice! Yes, where has 16 years gone? So If Danielle is 16 years older…does that mean we really aged 16 years? LOL

    Danielle…If you read this- Happy Sweet 16! You were a beautiful baby, a beautiful little girl and now you are a beautiful Teenager. Enjoy your 16th year because there are alot of exciting moments before you. Enjoy!

  2. Those pictures are pure 80’s 🙂 One good reason to get some background in some of our photos, so they can show the time period. Hope she had a great b-day.

  3. heyyy

    omgg i cant believe them pictures…you are making me feel old lol looking at myself when i was smaller…but i do like the picture of me and you from my party i think it came cute…i got my permit this morning and it feels weird to drive because im not used to it at all…all day i waited for auntie to call me and sing to me because i wait for that every year even though im 16 doesnt mean im too old to have her sing to me lol…well thanks for putting me in your blog and writing about me!!

    Love always your favorite cousin 🙂

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