Happy 2nd Birthday HOLLY!!!!

Today is my baby girls 2nd birthday. I can’t believe how fast the past 2 years have gone by. It’s been so amazing and fun since the day she was born. Our lives changed in a way that no one could ever explain to us, but it was the best change ever. Holly is an amazing little girl and has brought so much joy to everyone who knows her. She’s smart, funny, silly, loving, cuddly and so much more. There are days that Steve and I just look at her and think, how could we not love her as much as we do. She’s a blessing to our lives and we LOVER HER beyond words and actions.

Yesterday we had her 2 year picture taken at Kiddie Kandids. It wasn’t planned (though I did plan on taking her picture this week) and the girl came up to me at the store. So I figured why not, let’s try and see if she’s up to it. I didn’t have her dressed the way I would of for her picture but she really does look cute in just about anything. Well, she did great. It was the most fun picture shoot we’ve done yet (and we’ve done a lot). The girl taking the pictures was great. She had tons of patience and very professional. She let Holly play with any prop she wanted, sit on any chair or block she wanted and just let her have fun. Holly LOVES to play especially if it’s with new things so she had a ball. We got some of the best pictures ever of her in that photo shoot so you know I’ll be going back there soon!!!

Here is her 2nd Birthday Picture that I just LOVE…………

I decided to scan in her other 2 photo’s taken on this day………

Here is her first professional picture taken in the hospital. Everytime I look at this picture it brings me right back there when she was born. Then I look at her now and I think I took the wrong baby home! She looks so different from when she was born, but I still love this picture.

And this picture was taken on her 1st Birthday.

She has changed quite a bit over the past 2 years and now she looks so grown up. She’s not my baby any more but will always be in my heart.

Happy Birthday Holly!!!
Mommy and Daddy love you very much!!!!!

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  1. Wow Karen! I love seeing the 3 photos! She is such an adorable little girl! Happy Birthday Holly! Soon to be a big sister!


  2. “Happy 2nd Birthday Dear Holly, Happy Birthday To You!” Hope you all had a fun day celebrating. We can’t wait to see you all on Saturday!

    the Knight Family

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