She did it!!!!!!!!

Holly finally went pee pees on the potty!!!! This is such a big thing for us because though she has sat on the potty many many times, she never actually did anything. Well on Thursday night, Steve and Holly talked about going on the potty and she said tomorrow. Not that we really believed her, but I did still ask her in the morning if she wanted to go on the potty. She said yes. So we went into the bathroom (all 3 of us, I was feeding Allison at the same time) and she sat down and in just about no time she got up and said “look mommy, pee pees” and I couldn’t believe my eyes, there were pee pees in the potty. That’s a sight I’ve been wanting to see for so long now. So I started jumping up and down (remember I was feeding Allison too, so it was pretty funny) and telling her how proud I was of her and how great this was and she was such a big girl and then she sat down, did some more, got up and looked at it again, then sat down and did some more. Each time she would get up and look in the potty. It was a great moment and she told me it was fun. Well, unfortunately that was the only time it happened over the weekend but I plan on working on it more. I’ll keep you all posted.

We had some friends over this weekend (Hi Melissa, Bob and Jeff!) and Holly had a great time with them. She loves when new people come over because they almost always play with her and she gets bored with just mommy and daddy. Of course they did all play with her and she had a blast. Allison was great also all weekend and Melissa had the perfect touch and was able to put her to sleep a few times without problem at all. That was nice, having another set of hands to help out with Allison. We had a nice weekend.

Just some pictures of the girls from the last week.

Holly was so exhausted she fell asleep on the couch watching Sponge Bob… was cute!
A nice nap after a good bottle!
Allison is making friends with Holly’s baby doll Sara. Their outfits even match!
Holly being silly.
Allison about to make a phone call.
A smile…..not the best one but I finally caught one on film!
Bob and the girls…….

Lounging outside.

Melissa and Allison

Allison is getting so big so fast. She’ll be 7 weeks this week already, can you believe it?! We officially moved her into her crib this weekend at night and she’s doing great. I loved having her in the co-sleeper next to me but it was time to let her sleep in a bigger space. She moves around a lot some nights and I just want her to sleep as best as she can, and she does sleep great. She goes down sometime between 7:30 -10 for the night and then gets up a couple of times to eat but goes back to bed and then is up in the morning between 7-8am. Not bad at all.

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  1. Karen, I love the pictures. Seems like you have a great week-end with your friends… Hi Melissa, I know you read this. Holly keep up the good work..
    Love, Nonni

  2. Hi Angela. Great pictures, Karen. We really enjoyed spending the weekend with you all and meeting Allison. Bob actually saw today’s blog before I did and told me to look at it – role reversal!

  3. Karen, I look at these pictures over and over again. You have two beautiful girls. Dave commented too what great pictures they are.

    Hi Melissa & Bob!!!

    Miss You Lots!!! Kiss those babies for me!!!

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