It’s Snowing Today!!!

We got a LOT of snow today. Holly was so excited. It was supposed to start in the morning but it didn’t begin until about 1pm. Holly took a short nap and when I woke her it was snowing and she was so excited. We put on her old snow suit (she is getting a new one for Christmas but don’t tell her that) and her rain boots because she didn’t like the way the new boots fit her, and out in the snow we went! She wanted to use her sled but there wasn’t enough snow to sled but she had fun anyways………….as you can see!

These pictures were taken after only a few hours of snow, we got much more, you’ll see tomorrow.

First we had to taste the snow…

Then we tried the sled but it didn’t move…

Then we had to throw the snow up in the air….

Then we ran in it…

Then we fell in it.

What a fun time!!!

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