The Nursery………

Now that Holly is moved into her new room, we can start working on the nursery. I defiantly want to change the theme. I need something different because I’ve been looking at Holly’s room for almost 3 years. Change is good.

We decided (well I guess really I decided) to paint the nursery yellow. I’ve been wanting a yellow room in my house and since my husband really isn’t into painting the rest of the house, why not have my yellow in the nursery. So to go along with that, I’ve been searching for he best girlie crib set that would go with the yellow room and finally my search is over. This is what I’ve decided on (notice I said I and not we, Steve didn’t get a vote this time LOL).

Tiger Lily by Kidsline

I’m so excited to get going with setting up the room now. But first we need to paint so as soon as we are all feeling better that will begin.

An update on how Holly is feeling: Holly is doing great, today she was back to herself. She’s slowing eating more and her stomach is slowing getting back to normal. However, Holly is such a sweet little girl, she decided to share. Yup! Daddy started getting sick right after he got home on Monday night and it continued well into the night. Holly slept through the entire thing, which was good. I slept on the couch Monday night hoping to avoid it altogether. My stomach has been a little upset since Sunday and finally on Tuesday morning I got a touch of it too, but not as bad as Holly and Steve. Hopefully that is the end of that. I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom tonight, I’ve been spraying Lysol all over the place and all the cloths we had contact with are going into the laundry tomorrow. I want to get rid of this awful bug that has tormenting our household for the last 4 days. I really hope I succeeded. Holly was so great today too since Mommy and Daddy were both under the weather. Steve and I took turns resting and hanging with Holly but she really was a trooper and seemed to understand that we just couldn’t play with her as much as we normally do.

I hope that no one else has to deal with this horrible bug. Stay healthy!!

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  1. **The nursery is going to be adorable. yes, get healthy, I’m battling a cold but other than that feeling much better. Have a good day.

  2. Karen, I love the new layout and the nursery theme. Tiger lillies are one of my favorite flowers…I bet you didn’t know that! Grapa loves Holly’s picture with the Barrettes…he said it’s about time she keeps them in…..

  3. Karen I love this bedding. I am not complaining you haven’t updated your blog because I love looking at the bedding 1st thing. It is so cheery and happy. I love it! I think it will look perfect.

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