Moving Day turned into……

Sick Night. Yup! You read that right. Holly had so much fun with her new room, getting a hair cut and all her new toys (see post below) but her night wasn’t as much fun. Around 9:30pm she woke up and threw up all over her crib and everything in it. Poor thing was crying and shaking, she had no idea what just happened. So we got her up, cleaned her up and sat up with her most of the night. She continued getting sick for 4 hours!! Poor thing, all she wanted to do was go to sleep she was so tired. Steve went to bed around 11:30 so he could get up with her in the morning since I was obviously going to be up late with her. Her and I just hung out and watched all the Little Bear episodes that are On Demand and just sat together on the floor (not to comfortable for a pregnant mommy but I did it for her) and finally at 1:30am I had a feeling the sickies might be over so I got her to lay down on the floor and fall asleep. We (well mostly her) slept there until 3am. At that point I figured it was safe to say she was not going to be sick again and I needed desperately to sleep in my bed. I put her in her crib and she slept good and got up at 8:00am with Daddy.

She did pretty good yesterday, she had a few burst of energy, which was nice to see. At one point she wanted to sit at her new Dora Vanity and play with her barretts (you know the ones she NEVER lets me put in her hair!). So we put all sorts of barretts in her hair and she kept looking at how pretty she looked in her mirror. Here are some pictures I snapped of her new hairdo. Mind you, this does not look like a sick child, this was one of her burst of energy.

She ran a slight fever on and off yesterday and took a 2 hour plus nap that we eventually woke her from so she wouldn’t be up all night. She asked to go to bed about 7:10pm and she slept great. This morning she’s doing good, but seems to still have a slight fever and is a little clingy, but that’s to be expected, I don’t mind. We just need to give it a couple of days to work itself out.

This video I took on Saturday of her using the magic wand to open up the doors on Dora’s Castle. She was having so much fun! Enjoy!

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  1. Nana is so happy that she likes her castle. she sounded so sad when I spoke to her this morning. Give her tylenol and lots of hugs and kisses for us .
    Love, Marge

  2. Holly, I love your barrettes–you look so cute. Auntie Kara would be proud of you. She has been waiting to see barrettes in your hair for a long time. Hope you’re feeling better.Love you! Nonnie

  3. Karen I feel for you. Being pregnant & having a sick toddler isn’t easy. I’m glad Holly seems to be doing better & love the haircut & the Dora in her new room.

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