We are finally getting ready for the Holidays. Christmas seems to be creeping up me and it’s going to be here before I know it. My favorite thing to do is put up the tree. I love my tree and get so excited to do it, but this year, I wasn’t looking forward to it. Just the the thought of taking the time to do it and then thinking how will Holly do with putting things on the tree, not taking them off, then I figured Allison would be grabbing every from the tree and putting it in her mouth. Just not something I wanted to do.

Well Sunday was the day and it went VERY well. I really don’t know why I even worried about it. Holly LOVED decorating the tree and she did so good. She pretty much stayed in one general location but I just moved a few things around. Allison stayed in the jump-a-roo for most of the time but when she was tired of that, she just crawled around, touched a few things, but didn’t try to pull them off, then just played with the toys on the floor. They are both amazing.

Here are a few pictures from the tree decorating festivities. Now if only I could get my mantle decorated too….

Daddy putting together the tree, that’s about all he does.

Miss Christmas!

Holly putting the first ornament on the tree.

A Happy Allison.

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