I’m still here……….

We are all here and well, just not much to say. Steve told me I really needed to update the blog and when I told him I didn’t really have much to say or any pictures to share, he told me that I was wrong. I should be talking about how Allison is trying to crawl. So here is my post just for Steve (love you honey!)

Allison is crawling, not perfectly yet, but she’s doing REALLY well. She still mostly does the ‘army crawl’ but every now and then she gets up on all fours and moves a few steps. It’s cute! And we are excited that she’s doing so well but I’m also sad that my baby is getting big WAY TO FAST! We even had to move her crib down a level since she is trying to sit up on her own too. Actually we moved it down all the way because if she is like her sister, once she sits up, she’ll start trying to pull herself up. My nephew Jonathan told me last night “pretty soon she’ll be potty training!” I told him please DON’T RUSH it!

We tried to take some pictures for our Christmas card yesterday at my mom’s house since she has her tree up but that didn’t go to well. There are a few pictures that I can use, but it will be different than usual this year. But they are still cute! Anyone with more than one child knows how difficult that process is, especially when one of them is learning to move herself around. But the girls looked so pretty in their dresses so either way the picture will be great.

OK here are a few pictures to share since my last update.

Me and my girls…

Holly made her princess mirror that she got for her birthday, she loved decorating it!

Thanks for looking!

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