Bob & Melissa’s Wedding

This past weekend our friends Bob and Melissa were married in PA. They asked Holly to be a flower girl and she hasn’t stopped talking about it since that day. Well now she has even more to talk about. She was the cutest flower girl and did such a GREAT job. Mommy and Daddy were very proud of her. She didn’t even hesitate when she went down the aisle. She was having fun tossing the flowers along the way.
Allison was also a hit since she looked so cute too. She was a very good girl during the ceremony and sat and ate her goldfish like a big girl. Of course she doesn’t say much yet so making lots of noise wasn’t the issue. Both girls had a great time and they were so good on our trip.

They loved staying at a hotel and both went to sleep very well all 3 nights. Allison has been getting up early so this trip wasn’t any different so her and mommy cuddled a lot not to wake up daddy. Allison feel right back to sleep but it’s hard for mommy to do the same while holding her and sitting up. I do enjoy the cuddles just not the early mornings. But now we are home and in our own beds/crib so mommy is hoping Allison will sleep better. Both girls were exhausted from all the excitement of the weekend and I think they were happy to be home to all their toys.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. More to come later this week. I don’t want to overload this one post.
Holly getting her hair done the morning of the wedding

Holly right before the wedding, looking cute of course!

The bride

Walking down the aisle

Cute little Allison

I will post more this week.

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  1. The pictures are great! They look adorable. Melissa made a beautiful bride. Looks like everything went well.
    Love, Nonnie

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