More Wedding Photos

Here are some more pictures from Bob and Melissa’s wedding:

Melissa and her Dad

The Vows
The best man, Jeff, handing over the rings
The Kiss (sorry it’s a big blurry, I couldn’t use my flash)
One flower girl and One ring bearer
Getting attacked by Bubbles!

I caught this moment, it wasn’t posed. Bob was just checking out the rings. I love this picture!
The flower girls, ring bearers, and Jr usher.

Melissa’s family.
I didn’t catch a picture of Bob’s family.

The best man Jeff, doing what Jeff does best, taking pictures.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Laffen
The Happy Couple
The beautiful cake. I loved the colors she choose.
The first dance as husband and wife!
Father / Daughter Dance
Mother / Son Dance
Daddy dancing with his girls
(it was getting late and I changed Allison in case she feel asleep, but she didn’t)

The Cake – They were both very good.
Awww, so cute!
Bob and his sister Allison

That’s about it. It was a beautiful wedding and we had a GREAT time. The bride and groom are now enjoying their honeymoon in Italy!

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  1. Karen- The pics came out awesome with your new camera!! The girls looked adorable and everyone looked so nice dressed up! Melissa looked absolutely stunning!

    Chris 🙂

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