Weekend Updates….

Shh….Don’t Tell!!!!

Mommy snuck a barrett in Holly’s hair this weekend. Holly had no idea…until about 2 hours later when she put her hands on her head and well that was the end of that. Now she’s onto me…I can’t brush her hair to long because she knows what I might do. But I’ll keep trying because she looked so cute!!!

The funny thing was, when she found it and pulled it out, she then kept trying to put it back in her hair. It was so funny. I tried to fix it for her and she let me once, but that was it. I will try again today when she takes another bath. Of course it’s easiest while her hair is wet. I found a way to distract her while I fix it. She has a little zipper bag (like a make up bag) that Jodi bought along with some barrettes. If I give her the bag and let her play with the barrettes she doesn’t even realize what I’m doing and in the mean time, the barrettes become her friends. I figure if I do this every time I wash her hair there’s a good chance it will become a habit. My little girl is already a creature of habit like her mom and dad so hopefully it will work.


This weekend I got some more scrapbooking done. I spread my stuff out on the dining room table and just went to town. Holly would come into the room every now and then, looking to see if I dropped any paper on the floor. She has some books we keep in there for her so she sat down on the floor to read. I then grabbed her rocking chair and put her in there so she could read. It was so cute, she sat there for a while looking through her book. I think she was afraid to try to get off. Since I put her there, she had no idea how to get down, even though her feet were so close to the floor. I think I just found a temporary place to seat her so she won’t move!!

Jacks’ Big Music Show……

For those of you that don’t know, Holly’s favorite show on TV is Jack’s Big Music Show on Noggin. Jack, Mel and Mary play all sorts of instruments and Holly loves music! She gets so excited when they come on. We try to plan meals around this show so she can watch it. Mostly because we enjoy watching her excitement as she watches this show. It’s so cute! Anyways, one day this weekend, right before Jack came on, I was changing her diaper. We were cutting it really close so I didn’t bother putting her pants back on her so she could get out there and dance. Well she was also missing a sock, which seems to happen everyday lately. I was trying to get a picture of her to show you how she was dressed and I caught this picture…..

Holly’s kissing the TV… That’s how much she loves this show!!!!

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  1. Those pics are so cute! oh and of course Holly is the cutest! Love Love Love the barrette in her hair – so girly girly.

    I cracked up when I saw the one purple sock pic kissing the tv – how sweet and funny. I am sure she will love you to show this picture to her friends when she is older!

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