My Little Reader…

Holly LOVES her books. She wont really sit too long and let us read to her but she does spend a LOT of time looking through her books. I’m glad because her daddy is a HUGE reader and I know he learned a lot of what he knows through reading and I wish for that for her too. I enjoy reading too, but I like the romance novels and I don’t learn too much I can use in life from them. LOL

I keep a bunch of books in the car now too and if I need to keep her awake or she just needs some entertaining, then I hand her a book. She’ll sit there, point to things that she knows and even thing she doesn’t know. If there are numbers in the book, she tries to count. I’m really glad she has such an interest in books, it will help her learn so much!

Today when we came home, I grabbed the mail on the way in. I belong to a few book clubs for Holly but she’s never really noticed when books come until today. I have no idea how she knew the package was books but the minute she saw it she kept trying to grab it saying “BOOK book book!!”. So I opened it up and there were 3 in there and one by one I handed them to her and read the title of the books. She sat on the kitchen floor looking through each one of them, reading to herself..of course I didn’t understand a word she said but she seemed to enjoy herself and that’s what matters most.

I was just very happy to see her enjoy the books when they came in the mail today. Now I know that it’s money well spent. OK Steve!? LOL

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  1. THat’s so great that Holly loves books!! My kids do too! There’s nothing I love to see more than them sitting on the floor together with a pile of books between them!

  2. What a wonderful habit Holly’s learning. One of the best teaching tools alongside actual Teachers… BOOKS!!! I love that you shared this! Such cute pics of her too.

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