Doodling Fun……

Holly received a LOT of gifts for Christmas but we haven’t opened everything up just yet. I’m pulling things out as needed. Well yesterday she needed something different to play with so I opened her new AquaDoodle. It’s like the MagnaDoodle only you use water and there is NO MESS AT ALL. Well she absolutely LOVED IT! (Thanks Cuozzo Cousins!). She sat there for about 45 mins (which is a long time in toddler land) and just wrote and stamped her little heart out. The mat is made with special material that turns blue when anything wet hits it and then disappears when it drys. It’s never ending fun. I was so happy she enjoyed it so much. This morning the first thing she did when she got up was pull out her AquaDoodle and start doodling! So much fun to be a 2 year old!

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