12 weeks old……..

It’s hard to believe that Allison was 12 weeks old yesterday. She is getting so big and smiling all the time. She’s still sleeping great and last night she put herself to sleep in her crib, without my rocking her, that was great. She also rolled over onto her belly while playing on the bed with daddy last night. Mommy wasn’t in the room to see it, but that was OK because daddy never gets to see any firsts. She also LOVES to ‘talk’ to mommy (and everyone else, but especially with mommy). She just goes on and on babbling and cooing, I absolutely love our conversations. Last night I got her a Bumbo and she really enjoyed sitting in it this morning while mommy was getting dressed. Holly likes it too and fits perfectly in it. I’ll take some pictures tomorrow and post them.
Here are some recent pictures of the girls………more to come later this week.

Holly is really into feeding her baby dolls now, taking them for rides in the stroller, putting them to sleep. She’s quite the little mommy.
The one she is feeding is named Sara (I named her that) and the one on the floor ‘sleeping’ is named Corey (she named her that).
I love this blue outfit on Allison!

Poppa Bob and Holly playing hide and seek at the Yacht club on Saturday.
Holly in her bikini. She didn’t want to go anywhere near the water, but she still looked cute!
Holly feel asleep on the couch again on Monday. Some days she just really needs a nap.
Love how much Allison is smiling in this picture. She was actually laughing.

Sisters……..my friend Kimberly gave them these outfits, aren’t they cute!! (Thanks Kimberly!!!)

Until next time!!!

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  1. Hi Karen! Your girls are getting so big! Allison is really starting to look like Holly! I love the picture of Holly napping! So cute!

  2. hey karen… your daughter holly has grown up so quickly.. i noticed from your last post before this one she still had her baby look now she’s a big sister look about her.
    adorable… allison is just a beautiful baby enjoy that while you can.. see ya soon.

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