A Busy Weekend….

well, at least for picture taking! I took tons of pictures between Friday and Sunday. Of course I love every one of them…but I’ll just post a few.

Friday, after Holly’s bath, I snapped a few pictures of her. When I say a few, I took about 30 of them (hehehe). She just looks so big in these pictures, maybe it’s because she doesn’t have any cloths on, but I can’t believe how big my little girl is getting. How fast did that happen!

OK One more I absolutely LOVE…..

We got lots of snow here on Thursday so Steve was able to take Holly out in the snow to play this time. She had so much fun. She absolutely LOVES the snow. Each time she falls, she just gets right back up. Well actually this time she was a little lazy and when she’d fall down she’d look to daddy for help, but of course he loved every minute of it! Here are a few pictures…….

Grandpa Bob even got in on the fun!

Grandma got some really good pictures too of Holly when she took her bath on Sunday. This picture as just too cute to not share……

Holly really LOVES taking baths now, but she will not sit down in the tub. When we switched from her little tub to the Big tub she sat the first few times but then after that she insists on standing. She’ll squat down in the water so she can splash, but she won’t let her bottom touch the bottom of the tub. It’s so funny!

After her bath she was letting me kiss her and she was giving me tons of hugs and grandma catch those moments on camera and I was so happy with the pictures. You know I WILL be scrappin these pictures very soon! If you look at the first picture, you will see her front teeth, and her two molars that are slowing coming through on either side. I love that shot!

We had a great weekend. We bought Holly for her birthday last November the Little People A-Z Counting Zoo and Steve just opened it up this weekend for her and so LOVES it. We put it in her room and every now and then Holly would disappear and she’d be really quiet. We’d check in her room and there she was playing with her new animals. It was so cute. She needed something different and this is exactly what she needed. Those animals have been all over the house too. She would bring one into the computer room and put them on Steve’s desk, one by one until they were all there, then she’d bring them back into her room. Another time she’d bring them one by one to me in the kitchen and then one by one take them back. As I write this she is bringing one by one and putting them along the top of the gate that closes off the dining room. Can’t wait to see where she’ll bring them next.

Today we are going out to meet a friend I met at CKU in Stamford last October. That will be fun. We are having lunch and going to a scrapbook store. Holly LOVES going there! hehehe Then we are going to visit with Grandma and Grandpa and have dinner with them. We’ve been in the house a lot lately so we really need to be out for the day.

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