A Nice Weekend………

We had a really nice weekend, and it’s not even over yet. Monday is our bonus day. It’s started off good on Friday when Steve took a half a day off. It was nice to have him home again after being gone on his trip. Allison had her 1 month doctor’s appointment so Steve and Holly hung out together at home and me and Allison went to the doctors. She did great. She weighs 8lbs 10oz and is 21 inches long. So she gained an inch since birth (which didn’t surprise me at all) and she’s a little over a pound from birth which is perfect. Everything else checked out good and her doctor was very pleased with her progress. No shots this month, but she will get some next month unfortunately.

Saturday afternoon we had BBQ’ed with a few friends and it was very hot out, but we survived the heat. It’s tough having it so hot this early because our pool isn’t open yet. However, Steve did pull out Holly’s pool and her and her friend Jakob had a great time in it. The water was freezing but they didn’t seem to care one bit. Here are some pictures of them enjoying themselves……

The pool has a blow up slide and palm tree that squirts water but Steve ran out of hot air blowing up the pool. He couldn’t find his compressor so next time he’ll be sure to have one handy. The kids didn’t seem to mind, they still had fun.

An awesome shot of Jakob jumping into the pool.
Holly in her cute little sun dress. Of course playing with Balls.

Sunday morning was a little cloudy so we weren’t sure what we were going to do. Also Allison had a tough night. She just couldn’t seem to sleep comfortably. I’m not sure what was wrong but I do think she might of had a little belly ache. She woke just about every hour so needless to say, Mommy was pretty tired come morning time but Steve took over and let me sleep some more which helped. The sun came out and we ended up going to a cook out at the yacht club. It was much cooler there but that didn’t stop Steve and Holly (my two fishes) from going in the water. I didn’t get any pictures unfortunately but they had fun. Allison also got to go in some water today for the first time. I gave her her first bath tonight and she seemed to like it. I’ve only given her sponge baths up till today because she still had her umbilical cord stump but if Finally fell off this morning. The bath will probably help her sleep better tonight. Here are some pictures of her first bath……

That’s it for now, thanks for looking and have a great week!

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  1. Cook Out – that totally reminds me of the east coast! Wow Holly and Allison are both getting big. Love those pictures. I see some scrap pages in the works!

  2. Great Action Shots in the Pool Karen! Holly looks really cute in that sun dress.

    Allison’s first bath – how sweet. She look so long in those pictures – she is already growing so fast. Glad the stump finally fell off. Hope she sleeps better for you tonight!

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A nice weekend….

We had a nice weekend, even though it rained, again! Our parents and my brother and his family came over on Saturday for pizza and cake for my birthday. It was nice….my mother and mother in law and my husband did a lot so I didn’t have to do much since it was my birthday….I enjoyed that. My inlaws came early so they could play with Holly and she had a blast. First off she looked absolutely adorable in her dress. Her Aunt Kara bought it for her for Easter and I loved it. Here she is in her party dress…

I went to a tupperware party on friday night and won a whistle straw. I showed Holly how to do it and believe it or not she could blow the whistle. It was so cute, she just kept doing it and was so proud of herself. it was so cute, even though the sound of the whilstle was very annoying! Here she is sitting on the stool like a big girl with the whistle.

I was trying to get some pictures of her and I together but it’s so hard to get her to stay still for very long. Here are the results……

Now it was cake time and Holly loves to sing happy birthday and the candles fasinate her. This time when the candles were out instead of putting her fingers in the cake, she was trying to lick the entire thing. It was so funny. We tried to get a picture but this was the best we could get. She was reallly enjoying herself. So cute!

I defiently am spoiled because besides getting my laptop from my husband, my inlaws bought me a Roomba…..the robot vacuum cleaner. It’s so cool!! Can’t wait to set it up and get it going.

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  1. I am so glad you had a “fab!” birthday. You got a lot of nice gifts too.

    Are you getting all “techy” on me? (the laptop, the roomba?) what’s next an ipod? (just kidding!)

    Holly of course, looking beautiful in that dress, it is so sweet. I absolutely love the dress, it looks so cool and comfy.

    Great Pictures! Love the one with you and Holly!

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