One Month Old Today

Allison is One month old today. I can’t believe how fast this month went by. She has grown so much and I can’t wait to take her to the doctor’s tomorrow and she how much she’s grown because I know she has. She received this cute zebra as a present when she was born from the ladies that own Curves (where I used to work) and I’m going to take a picture of her with it each month so we can see her grow. Here are the two pictures so far. One was taken the day we came home from the hospital and the other was taken today. What do you think??

The day we came home from the hospital….

Here are some cute pictures of Holly. She still LOVES her sister but she’s STOPPED listening to Mommy so she’s been spending some time in Time Out lately. She actually has been trying to send Mommy to time out too. Every now and then when I tell her that she can’t do something or can’t have something she wants, she tells me “Mommy Time Out!” and she points her cute little finger in the direction of time out when she says it. It’s really cute!

She let me put pig tails in her hair again……they didn’t last all day, but a good part of the day. She looks so cute like that, I wish she’d just leave them in.

She loves to lay down next to Allison when ever I put her on the floor.

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  1. Karen I love the new header on the blog…really cute. Both girls are getting big. I saw the difference in Allison this past week-end. Tell Holly her pigtails look cute….Pappa loves them.

  2. You ahve to scrap the time out story when you get a chance. that is super cute 🙂 The girls are so precious thanks for sharing your pics.

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