More pony tails………

I keep trying with the barrette’s and pony tails and the more I try, the longer she keeps them in. Maybe someday we will be up to an entire day! The thing is, she looks so cute especially with pig tails, if only she’d keep them in. Recently one morning when I washed her hair, she actually asked me to put some things in her hair. I took this opportunity to give her pig tails. I always wore my hair in pig tails when I was little and I’d love to do that with Holly (now if only her hair would grow more, that would help). She looked so adorable!!!!

Finally, Holly is getting into letting us read to her. She’s always enjoyed her books but she’s never had the patience to sit and let us read to her. We’ve been waiting for this and we are so happy she now asks us to read to her. I was able to catch some pictures of her and daddy enjoying a good book. It’s actually one she wants us to read over and over to her. LOL I love watching her and Steve interact together. You can see how much they love each other when they play and it melts my heart to watch.

And finally a 30 week picture of me. I’m starting to get more and more uncomfortable. I’m pretty much feeling the same way I did in the 9th month with Holly. She’s getting closer and closer to my rib cage because every now and then I feel discomfort there. I remember with Holly she used to get her foot stuck there and sitting down was not easy. I’d rub and rub the spot until she’d finally move. It didn’t always work, but sometimes it did. Even though I’m getting more uncomfortable, I’m really enjoying every bit of it. I love having the daily (or hourly) reminder that I have a little baby growing and developing inside of me. It’s such and amazing process and I LOVE all the movements. She’s been moving around like crazy lately and sometimes I think she’s trying to come out my belly button! LOL Holly was this active too and like I said, I’m enjoying every moment.

This little one will be here before we know it. If only I could get the room ready. Hopefully by next weekend we’ll be all done. I’m just trying to gather up cloths of Holly’s that we can still use and figure out what I need. It’s so much fun shopping for baby girl things again.

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  1. I loved the pony tails. She looks so adorable with her hair up. Karen you sure do look pregnant now. I love all the things you blog about your family.
    Love, Marge

  2. Great ponytails. he looks alot like you at her age…you had less hair! Can’t wait for the little one!

    Love, Mom

  3. Love the ponytails. Way to cute 🙂 And thanks for postign another pic of yourself. It would be awesome for you to do a LO where you do a belly timeline.

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