End of Halloween Tradition…

We started a new tradition for the end of Halloween. Sounds weird I know, but stay with me.
Holly got two pumpkins this year and she’s been pretty attached to them. We never carved them, I don’t think should would of liked that. They had to be in her room at night when she went to bed and she carried them around the house with her too. Like I said she’s pretty attached to them.
Steve mentioned to me on Halloween that he thought she would NOT be willing to part with them when they start to Rot….what would we do??? We talked about it and came up with an idea (rather than just taking them out of her room while she slept because we both knew she would notice the next day and it wouldn’t be good!). We decided to tell her that the pumpkins needed to go back in a few days because it was the end of Halloween. She totally bought that and wanted to take them back to the pumpkin patch. We told her that we don’t bring them back there, we have to put them in the woods (behind our house) and they would find their way back (we figured we’d feed some wild animals at the same time LOL). She was so OK with that plan and she kept talking about it all week and how we were going to “throw the pumpkins in the woods and then they go home and we get more next year.”

So Sunday was the day to send the pumpkin’s home. Here are some pictures I took to document the tradition (I’m sure we’ll do this every year now)….

Holly and her pumpkins before they ‘went home’….
Heading out with Daddy…
Daddy tossed the Big One…
And Holly tossed the small one (it didn’t make it very far, but she tried)

And that was the beginning of our End of Halloween Tradition.

Have a GREAT week!

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  1. LOVE that idea Karen! Cami is pretty attached to her pumpkins too, funny how that happens. She loves to carry them around the house & try to stack them on each other.

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