I am SO behind……

I’ve been a very bad blogger. I just uploaded my pictures onto the computer because my card was full and I can’t believe how many pictures I had that I wanted to share. Guess I should check my camera more often. LOL

Pasta Night

Holly loves Pasta (what Italian child doesn’t, right?) but she prefers it with butter. No problem…It’s easier that way in case I don’t have any sauce on hand and the clean up is SO much better…Butter in the hair as opposed to sauce all over her. Anyways, one night we were having pasta and I http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.spell.gif
Check Spellingput some sauce in her dish so she can “dunk” (we’ve been doing that with ketchup lately and she seems to enjoy it). Well she LOVED it. It was so cute watching her ‘dunk’ the piece of pasta (with butter on it already) into the sauce. Then she wanted some of the pasta with sauce already on it and she proceeded to ‘dunk’ that also. So cute. Well she was just about done eating, but the fun part was just beginning. For those of you that don’t know this….Holly is a pretty neat eater, she doesn’t normally make a mess….But for some reason when she has pasta, she has to rub the butter all on her face and in her hair. What makes this night any different from the rest I ask myself??? NOTHING….So Holly did her usual, rubbed her hands all over her face and in her hair, only this time, there was pasta sauce on her hands. It was really funny actually. I ran for my camera (I couldn’t miss this) and snapped a bunch of pictures of her “orange” face. She really looked cute in that color. Good thing it was a bath night, huh?


Holly has a new favorite thing to do……Color!!! She’s been enjoying coloring for a while now, but it’s become a REGULAR thing to do EVERY DAY at least 15 times a day….See the difference? So she has her crayons and a sketch pad for her to write on and at different times though out the day, she sits with Mommy and we color. She’s getting better with the crayons and ONLY using them on the paper so from time to time, I let her sit on the couch and color, but only when I’m in the room to watch her. Grandma bought her washable crayons and that really helps, but we still don’t want her writing everywhere. She likes me to color with her so every now and then she hands me a crayon. I usually write everyone’s names and then she colors over then, she likes to do that. Well I seem to write “Holly” the most so now when I say “H” she usually follows with “O”…Its so cute!!! Repetition really does work!! So now I’m working on getting her to say “L”. One step at a time.


I’m still trying to get her to let me put barrettes in her hair but she really doesn’t want anything in her hair. One day I actually got 2 in and she didn’t realize it for a while (I have to really distract her for this to happen, sometimes I just get lucky!). They looked so cute. I managed to snap a few pictures of her before she ‘found’ them. I’m just going to keep on trying and eventually she’ll just accept it, I hope!!!


The Chester Fair

A couple of weekends ago, we took Holly to the Chester Fair. It’s a small fair in CT near the where we keep the boat. We figured she’d LOVE it especially the petting zoo. We’ll we were wrong about the petting zoo. She was very nervous when she got too close the the Cows, especially when one of them MOO’ed. But that was ok, we didn’t push her. The only animals she really enjoyed seeing were the bunnies. It was pretty funny. She did LOVE the rest of the fair and wanted so bad to go onto the BIG KID slide. Next Year. Here are a few pictures we took….

And to finish up (sorry this was so long) here are just some pictures of her and I sharing a moment. Have a wonderful week!!!

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