Happy Birthday Daddy!

Yesterday was Steve’s birthday. We had our parents over for pizza and cake. Nothing exciting, just something to celebrate the day. My brother and Sister in law couldn’t make it but the boys came with my parents. We had a nice time.

Holly got all excited when we started singing Happy Birthday. She just loves that song. It’s funny because most kids her age don’t it when you shut off the lights, light some candles and sing. Not my daughter, she absolutely LOVES it. Here are some pictures fo the singing event….

You would of thought it was Holly’s birthday because once the candles were out, she started reaching for the cake. Daddy didn’t mind, he let her have fun. We cut her a piece of cake but all she wanted was the frosting… typical kid!

Later she was playing with her cousins and all she wanted to do was HUG them. It was so cute. I was so happy that I was able to catch this on film. They LOVED every bit of it. Cute!

We had a really nice time. Happy Birthday Steve!!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Steve! We had such a good time together–the kids absolutely love each other. That is a Grandmother’s dream…….

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