In my previous post I mentioned that Allison loves standing, well she still does! And she’s starting to walk along the couch a lot more. She even lets go everynow and then, but I still don’t think she’ll be walking anytime soon. I hope not, I am not ready for that yet!
I’m greeted by her standing in her crib whenever I go and get her and she usually has a smile on her face like this…..

It’s amazing how fast she is growing!

We were all getting better, but not anymore. Steve has a really bad ear infection so he’s on antibiotics and Allison started with a fever again today and she’s still coughing and her nose is running just a bit. Holly is doing great, she’s all better and went back to school today. She was very happy to go this morning and very excited when I picked her up. And I’m feeling much better, just a little cough and congestion, but really not much. Hopefully Steve’s ear will clear up quickly and Allison’s fever is just because she’s trying to cut a tooth or two or three.

I will be so glad when the warmer weather comes!

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  1. I love you pictures, especially the one with allison at the door. Tell her we have the same middle name. lol. Hope everyone feels all better soon.

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