Holly can spell two words…

Holly learned to spell her name a while ago and can even write it. I’ve been told that’s really good that she can do that at her age. She is constantly asking me what a bunch of letters together spell. It’s very hard sometimes to even try and pronounce the letters she puts together. Here is an example: cdgghok – What does that spell? I have no idea. So I decided that since she wants to learn how to spell words then I will take a 3 letter word and work with that for a little while and take it from there. So our word for this week is DOG. Each day I ask her through the day how to spell DOG and she spells it for me. She gets it right everytime. I even wrote it down for her and she read it. I am so proud of her. She really wants to learn so why not. She even asked me how to write it so we are working on writing it too. Her teacher told me that she is the youngest and the smartest one in her class. I’m a very proud mama!!

Here are my two cuties wearing the Mustang T-Shirts that Grandpa gave them….

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  1. I think you should teach her how to spell Bob next. But Bob won’t be offended if you teach her to spell Mom and Dad first! 🙂

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