Good News

Our family received some good news yesterday. Some of you who know my cousin Mia (46) had open heart surgery in June and has been paralyzed ever since from the waist down. Last week she was able to wiggle two toes on each foot and after a few days she was wiggling all the toes on one foot. She went to Boston yesterday for an evaluation and they said that since she is able to do that, then it means that she WILL walk again someday!!! That was the best news ever. We had an idea that would be the case but they confirmed it. She needs to just be patient and keep up with physical therapy and just give it some time. They said from what they can tell from the MRI’s, it looks as if there was a blood clot during surgery that narrowed the way through her spinal cord causing it to swell (I could be off just a bit but that’s the idea of it) and she just needs all the blood to dissolved and then she will be able to move everything.

Needless to say everyone in the family is THRILLED, but no one more than Mia. Thanks for all your prayers through this long ordeal and please continue to pray that she can do what she has to do to recover.

Sorry no pictures, I will post some later.

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