Pumpkin Patch 2008

Today we made our annual trip to Manfedi Farm’s Pumpkin Patch. Holly has been looking forward to going for a while and was very excited today! Allison really enjoyed it this year too. Last year she was just 6 months old and sat in the stroller just looking around. This year she touched the pumpkins, tried to pick up a few and enjoyed the ducks and the chickens.

In the end, we left with a small pumpkin for Allison, a little bigger pumpkin for Holly, a medium size pumpkin for Holly to take to school to carve and paint and a bigger pumpkin for mommy to carve.

Here are some pictures from our trip to the pumpkin patch….

Daddy walking in with his girls………..love this shot!

Trying to get a picture, trying to get them to both look at the camera. It didn’t work.

Allison made a friend. He’s the same age as her. It was cute, they kept going to the same pumpkins.

Allison and her friend again……….it was so cute!

Look at all these pumpkins!

Holly and her pumpkin.
Allison with her pumpkin.

Putting her pumpkin in the wagon.

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  1. We missed the pumkin patch this year,but thanks for the photos of the girls. They look so cute. Love, Nana & Papa

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