We have YELLOW!!!!

The baby’s room is finally yellow. I am SO happy with how it’s turned out. We will put one more coat on this weekend, but it looks so GREAT! I was so afraid that the color was going to be wrong, when ever I pick out paint, once it’s mixed and bought, I second guess myself the entire time until it’s up on the walls. I couldn’t be more happier about the way this room has turned out. I can NOT WAIT to get the nursery set up now.

Here are some pictures of our new Yellow room.

Of course when little miss Holly saw me with the camera she came running down the hall yelling ‘cheese’ and making her silly little smile face, so I had to take some pictures of her. She’s so cute!

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  1. Painting is so exciting! Glad you are happy with your results. Can’t wait to see it for myself sometime this spring.

    That’s the same little girl that was ignoring the camera for a while?

  2. I love the yellow – how yummy! The room is going to look perfect! I can’t wait to see it when it is done!

    Those pictures of Holly crack me up – She’s a nut!

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