Too Cute!

We were up early again today. Poor little Holly, it must be so tough when those gums hurt. I’m sure that’s what the problem is. She tossed and turned all night. Mommy doesn’t get to sleep much on those nights but I can sleep in (until 8 at least) the next few mornings because Steve will be home. I’m so glad he’s an early riser!

This morning while I was checking my email, Holly came walking down the hall wearing one of my slippers. That was the first time she did that, and it was so cute! I tried to get a picture but it didn’t come to great. I had a bad angle and then of course she walked away from the slipper. She knew what I was trying to do, the little stinker.

Last night my parents came over for dinner and my dad usually takes Holly outside for a walk around the house whenever he comes over. This time they walked side by side and she held his hand the entire time. I was going from window to window watching them and snapping pictures because it was so cute! Every now and then she’d look up at him and it just melted my heart away. She’s just too cute!

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