Spring is here!!!!!

Well, almost. It is absolutely beautiful here today. We have the heat down, a few windows open….I love the fresh air coming in, especially at the beginning of Spring. I’m sure it won’t last long, but I’m not even thinking about that.

We had to run out to Walmart for a few things and it was too warm to put Holly’s winter jacket on so I pulled out the Spring Jacket!!!! Ok, it’s not so exciting for everyone, but it was for me. I love putting new things on her. Anyways, she looked absolutely ADORABLE!!!!! I had to zoom into the first picture so it’s not very clear.

After that she was walking towards me up an incline so she kept watching her feet. So cute!! She was enjoying being outside. There was a slight breeze and she loves that. I put a skirt on her because it was so nice out and it looked perfect with the little jacket and the hat. OK, I just think she’s cute in anything.

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