“I Did It!!”

If Holly could say those words, that’s what we would of heard over the weekend from her. She’s been trying for so long to climb up onto the love seat by herself. She’s been successful once or twice but she’s tried a lot more than that. Well, this weekend she achieved her first little goal….getting up on the love seat, repeatedly, by herself. And each time she would look so proud too. I finally caught a picture of her up there by herself this morning, but of course she wouldn’t smile for me.

Holly isn’t much of a climber even though she will be 16 months old this week. I’m not complaining one bit because I know how hard that can be. Baby David (Jodi’s little guy) climbs up on EVERYTHING! As a matter of fact, he’s now in a toddler bed, due to his climbing. He’s been sleeping there for a little under a week and it’s been pretty successful, he’s only 14 months old. Pretty good! I’m not ready to put Holly in a toddler bed just yet. I like being able to contain her in the crib at night and as long as she still has no interest in climbing, that’s where she will stay for now. Here’s a cute picture of Baby David in his new toddler bed. He’s stretching! How cute is that!!!

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  1. My little Monkey looks so cute!!!! Yes, he is doing good. Last night was another successful night. Now just to work on the naps!

    Good for Holly…You too can be a little monkey!(I’m sure Lil D can offer you some advice) Holly looks so grown up these days, what a sweetiepie!

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