My Two LOVES….

I love this picture of Steve and Holly. We were getting ready to go out and Steve was putting Holly’s coat on her and I snapped this picture. Even though Holly isn’t looking at the camera, it still makes a great shot. The Two Loves of my LIFE!!!

I’m always telling Steve how much she is like him. She has so much of his personality it’s amazing. Lately I’ve also been noticing deferent expressions as being like his too. We did notice immediately when she was first born that she has his crooked pinky fingers and toes. A few of Steve’s toes curve in and Holly’s are exactly like his!! The only thing I can claim as being like me is she has my long fingers and nail beds. That’s about it right now. But that’s ok because I love having a little Steve even though she’s a girl. I just hope she grows out of his stubbornness or I’m in trouble!!! 🙂

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