Ebates and Ice Cream

Have you heard of ebates? It’s a website that gives you cash back when you shop online. I’ve been using it a lot lately and I’m very happy with the selection of stores that they have. They usually give you $5 when you first sign up but right now they are offering a special. If you sign up now you will get $10 to start you off!! That’s a really great deal. If you are not already a member you can Join Here.

It’s really easy to use too. All you have to do is before you shop online, go to ebates, sign into your account and search for the store your looking for. As long as you click the link to that store while in your ebates account, it will automatically track your purchase and in a few days the money will be deposited into your account. Every 3 months they will send you a check or paypal for your account balance as long as it’s over $5.00. If it’s below $5.00 then it will just stay there until the next 3 month payday. It’s that simple!

When you search the stores on ebates, it will tell you what percentage of the purchase you will receive back for your rebate. Each store is different and every day they have one store spotlighted for the day and you’ll get double the money back if you buy that day. It’s a great way to do your Christmas shopping online. This offer ends October 31st.

The girls (along with their mommy) really enjoy Ice Cream cones. Their (our) favorite kind is Chocolate!!! The other night they (we) had some and I grabbed my camera to snap a few pictures of them, especially Allison, enjoying it.

I guess you could say that Allison really enjoys her ice cream. Needless to say we went from the chair to the bathtub! At least this time it wasn’t in her hair too!

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