No more Diapers………..

At least while we are home and she isn’t sleeping. That is Holly of course. She is finally potty training and it’s going so well in such a short period of time. A few weeks ago she started going occasionally on the potty at my mom’s house, but not here. Well, last week I started asking her more and more if she wanted to go on the potty and each time her answer was “no mommy, not now, no potty, I too big” Obviously she doesn’t realize that because she is big she needs to go on the potty, she gets confused. But anyway, buy Friday I realized that I just needed to take off her diaper and NOT put another one on, then she will go on the potty. The first few times she really fought me on it, but after that she realized she had no choice. She then began to go with very few accidents. On Friday she was in big girl undies most of the day and did GREAT!!! As a matter of fact, she even did #2 on there without me even telling her too!!! I couldn’t believe it when I ever looked in the potty and saw something other than liquid. I was so excited, I was so tempted to take a picture, but my 11 year old cousin Stephanie was over and she told me that was not a good idea, good thing she was here or I might have (Hi Steph, we miss you!!!). So needless to say, Holly got a nice ice cream treat at 11am for doing #2 in the potty.
Then on Saturday she wasn’t into it as much and had 2 accidents, but that’s OK, I expect that. On Sunday from the moment she got up till she went to bed she was in big girl undies all day and did not have any accidents!! Each time she had to go she pulled down her pants herself and sat right down on her potty. Steve and I are so proud of her. It’s amazing that in just 3 days full force she went without any accidents.

My plan is to keep her in big girl panties all day while we are home until she goes to bed. Once her diapers are gone, I will only get pull ups for when we go out and for at night. I’m hoping that now that she is controlling it during the day, she will wake up dryer and dryer each morning. I’m going to have to work on getting her on the big potty so when we are out, she can go without the pull up, but for now, that is fine.

So it’s been pretty exciting here with her going on the potty. And Allison is down to one bottle at night and even went till 5am one day. Only that one time, but we are on the right track to sleeping through the night. I can’t wait!!

Here are a few pictures. Enjoy and I hope you have a great week!

Allison’s monthly picture with the zebra. She’s getting so big, but it’s hard to tell from the pictures this month, but she is growing. She’s pretty much out of her newborn cloths and starting to fit into the 3-6 month’s really well.

Here is David giving Alli a kiss, so cute!!!
Now he’s kissing her foot, though it looks like he’s signing into it like it’s microphone! LOL
Allison just glancing over at mommy, chilling in her purple Bumbo, love this thing!

Allison watching David color. David LOVES to color and could sit there and do that all day!
And finally, this picture I forgot to post a few weeks ago. On my father’s birthday (July 17Th) The girls and I stopped over and brought grandpa a cupcake so Holly could sing to him. They both enjoyed blowing the candle out, it was cute.

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