Going stong………

Holly is doing great.
Today (Monday), Steve went in to check on Holly before he left for work because she was tossing and turning and he noticed she had no pants on. He asked her why she took of her pants and her diaper and she said to him “it’s much better like this daddy” then she told him she had to go pee pees on the potty so he told her to get up and go and she did!! He then came to wake me up and tell me what just happened and to let me know that the bed was not wet and her diaper was pretty dry. We have no idea when she took it off but we suspect it was shortly before Steve went into her room. We also went out in the afternoon and I put a pull up on her, even though she didn’t want it, and we were out for about 2 hours. When we came home she asked me to help her pull her pants and pull up down and went right over to her potty filled it up. The best part was her pull up was dry! I’m amazed for a little girl who was against going on the potty, she’s doing so well. It helps that we are home most of the time and I know it will get harder when we go out but I’m so proud of how well she is doing. So no diaper today and the only accident she had was when she missed the potty.

Some pictures of the girls over the past week. I finally emptied my camera.

Allison loves her Bumbo!!! and so does Mommy. While I cook dinner, if she’s up (and if I cook) I put her in the Bumbo up on the counter and she watches me. She really seems to enjoy that. As long as she can see mommy, she is pretty much happy.

Another ‘fun’ seat for Allison. It’s a highchair/booster seat that reclines so you can use it for newborns. This will be her permanent highchair when she starts eating, but for now we keep it at my mother’s house so she has some place to sit while we eat when we are there. She really likes being in there too. It looks so comfortable, I can’t blame her.
Holly received a new play dough set for doing #2 on the potty. She had fun playing with it, and so did Mommy. Isn’t she cute?!!!

And finally, Holly has been spending a lot of time in Time Out lately. She has been expressing herself a little too much trying to tell Mommy what to do. It wasn’t fun this afternoon, partly because she was exhausted as well. She was sent to time out for not listening to me and talking back to me (yes she thinks she’s a teenager all ready!). While there, she turned around to face the wall because she ‘didn’t want to see me’.

After a while I went to get her out and have a talk with her and I found her like this…
She feel asleep, leaning against the way. I couldn’t resist, I had to take a picture, she looked so cute. She obviously was exhausted! We may have to re-think the no nap again.
Have a great week!

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  1. Okay, I totally laughed out loud at the pic of her sleeping against the wall. When you find some free time, this will make a treasured layout. Take Care!!!

  2. Those pictures of Holly sleeping against the wall are so funny! He little face is all squished! She had to have been REALLY tired! So funny. You could do a layout called “Tired of Time Out”

    And Allison, what a doll! She looks like she is getting so big and it has only been a week since I last saw her! I can’t wait to see too what color her hair is going to be. It looks very light in those pictures.

    Great pictures are usual Karen! Awesome about the Potty Training too!

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