I guess you could say………

I guess you could say that Holly is potty trained. She wears her big girl undies all day except when we go out, then she puts on a pull up even though she doesn’t want to. Until she get’s better at it, I feel better if she has a pull up on. She is even going on the Big Potty and we are so proud, but mommy has to hold her because she is afraid she’ll fall in. She’s doing great and doesn’t even wet her pull up most of the time when she has it on. The only time she does is if she is sleeping, but I know that will get better. We are so proud of her, she caught on really quickly and seems to enjoy it.

Allison is doing great too, but not on the potty, we will get to that eventually. She is sleeping great and is on her way to sleeping completely through the night every night. She seems to do it about every other night. When she does wake to eat, it’s not until about 5 or 6am so that’s not too bad considering she goes to bed about 6:30 -7:00 pm. She’s getting so big too, so fast! We enjoy her so much, she’s always smiling and tries so hard to laugh. She also follows Holly around with her eyes when ever she sees her. She absolutely loves her big sister. And Holly is still very much in love with her little sister. I know it will change as they get bigger but I’m so glad they like each other now.

Allison has rolled onto her belly twice, but I don’t think she knows what she really did! She can however, go onto her sides without any problems and does it all the time. She’s starting to move around more and more in her crib at night now. Some morning’s I find her head is at the opposite end of the crib then when I put her in. And each morning when she sees me she greets me with the biggest smile and then when she sees Holly, her smile gets even bigger. She tries to laugh but can’t quite get it out to much yet……but she sure does try. I especially love when she’s in her swing and she just sits there and stares at me! I think she’s going to be a mama’s girl for sure. Speaking of mama, Holly started calling me mama again. She used to call me that when she first started taking and she seems to have picked it up again. I’m not complaining, I lke when she calls me mama.

Here are a few pictures of Allison and Holly being cute!

Allison’s first time in the pool. We didn’t put her all the way in, but she enjoyed the ride daddy took her on!

My fashionist Holly……don’t those yellow rain boots look good with the bathing suit??? or bathing soup as she call’s it! So cute!! (Notice no diaper under the bathing suit!!!)

Allison and Holly watching TV together. I love when Holly lays with Allison…too cute!
Our not-so-happy princess. Even pretty princess’s have bad days from time to time, but she’s still cute!
Allison looking at herself in the mirror, she loves this!!

Thanks for looking, have a great week!

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  1. I love reading the blog even though I know all this about them. It’s the pictures I look forward to. They always make me smile.
    Love you,

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