Potty Training Update….

Well yesterday was day 2 and it looks like there will be may days to go…of course I need to be patient, but how come she didn’t come potty trained?? LOL

Back to yesterday. I asked her before she got dressed if she wanted to go on the potty and of course she got all excited and ran to the bathroom. We got undressed, sat down, smiled, got up, closed the cover to the potty, opened it, sat down, smiled, got up, closed the cover, opened it, sat down, smiled got up..etc. She just kept repeating the process over and over. Finally some pee’s came out but she got up while she was in the process and it was in the potty, on the seat and on the floor. That was ok, but I’m not sure if she realized that it should ALL go in the potty. So we cleaned up, got dressed and she wasn’t happy with me (for taking her out of the bathroom). Later on we tried again and it was the same thing, sit, smile, get up, close the cover, open, sit etc. So after a while we got dressed and again, she wasn’t happy with me. We did it one more time and it was no different than the last only this time did mommy realize that her favorite part of going to the potty was that she was naked. My daughter LOVES to be naked. Maybe this is normal for all kids, I don’t know, but I do know that she loves to run around the house before a bath in the buff. Your probably wondering, why is she naked if she’s just going on the potty. Because we HAVE to take off our shirt too, she insists that it NOT stay on while on the potty. Again, the potty is just an excuse to get naked. She’s too smart for me.

I haven’t attempted the Potty yet today, but we will again, later. I know it’s VERY early perhaps to even try. She can’t pull her pants down and barely says Pee Pee’s but she’s showing some signs (pulls at her diaper when it’s full of poopies, gets a diaper from the draw sometimes when she wants a new diaper and when we are outside playing and she has her swim diaper on, and she pee’s, she kinda squarts and looks and touches it (sorry, I know it’s gross) but she’s becoming aware of it so I figure give it a try and see what happens. I don’t plan on her being trained right away, but we have to start somewhere, right?

In other news, Holly enjoyed some watermelon last friday while standing on the chair at the dining room table and she looked cute. Here are a few shots I took of her and the wathermelon.

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