Here we are back at Monday morning. I used to HATE Mondays but now I like them. It’s a fresh start to a new week. I get the house back in order from the weekend and Holly and I plan our week. It helps that I don’t have to jump out of bed, get dressed and head out the door. That’s probably why I don’t Hate Monday’s anymore. But we had a nice weekend. My inlaws came and stayed the weekend (Hi Marge!!) and Holly loved it! Then we had a nice dinner at my parents house (Hi Mom!!) for Palm Sunday. My mother is a GREAT cook. Not that I didn’t know that until yesterday but I was reminded again. Of course she made too much food (we are Italian) but it was all good. She tried to get me to take home some leftovers but I only took a little bit. I should of taken more. It’s so hard to take leftovers home when you’ve been eating all day and your not hungry. It isn’t until you are hungry that you think “why didn’t I take more, this is so good!”.

Holly wore her Easter dress yesterday. We see all of my family on Palm Sunday and Steve’s family on Easter so I wanted them all to see her in her dress. She loved her ‘fancy’ shoes. They made tapping noises on the tile and she really enjoyed that. She looked so adorable! It was hard getting a good picture of her, but we are going today to get one done at Picture People so hopefully they’ll have better luck. Here are a few pictures I snapped of her.

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  1. Hey Karen, thanks for the compliments on my food! You know I love to cook especially for the crowd!! Marge, we had a great day! Holly had a great day with her cousins –she even sat on their heads. It was so cute!!! Of course, gramma loved the Easter dress and shoes…..

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