Easter Picture

We went on Monday to The Picture People to have Holly’s Official Easter picture taken. I’d do it myself but I can’t get her to look at the camera anymore. I also don’t have a place to take it without stuff in the background so off to The Picture People we go. The last time we were there was on her 1st Birthday. The thing about them is that the kids can stand up. She started walking at 9 months so by 1 year she was running and I knew she wouldn’t sit for a picture. When we did her birthday picture it was very hard to keep her in front of the camera, she kept wanted to walk out of the room, play with all the props, you know do things that ONE year olds LIKE to do. It was very hard, challenging and exhausting! But we got a great shot and I was happy with it. I just wasn’t looking forward to doing that again.

Well I have to report my little girl did great for her Easter Picture!!! She only walked away from the “area” a few times and that was to look at the duck on the shelf (she really wanted the big ducky!). I was amazed at how things had changed in 5 months. She’s learned so much self control since she turned ONE and I had not realized it until we took her picture. I was extremely proud of her and I can’t wait till this summer to have another picture taken!

Here’s my princess in her Easter Picture:

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