Getting Ready for Baby……….

The nursery is really coming together, thanks to my mother. She spent the weekend here and helped me finish up moving Holly’s stuff out of the closet and Baby’s stuff into the closet, she put the wall border up and started hanging pictures on the nursery wall (we need to by string to hang the rest and each time we went shopping, we forgot!). Here are some pictures of the Nursery so far, it should be finished next weekend.

Today we are going to buy Holly a bed and will try to have it delivered on Friday. We’ve been telling her for about 1 week now that she was getting a big girl bed and Baby Sister was going to use her crib. She seems OK with this right now, but when we move it we will really know how she feels. I can’t wait to get her in her bed!!! We are also putting away the highchair tonight. She uses it every now and then still, but the problem is, it’s a very comfortable chair and she wants to sit in it for hours at a time and drag out her meal. So that will be gone tonight.

I had Steve take some pictures of me last night. This baby is really growing and moving around a lot!! 5 more weeks………can’t wait!

Holly wanted to get in on the pictures too…….

Holly has this cute green hat that she loves to wear. I just wish she wouldn’t close her eyes when she smiles.

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  1. The nursery looks GREAT Karen! She’ll be here before you know it! We prepped Gabe for the Big Boy bed too and he did great with the transition.

  2. I love that border around teh wall and the matching light switch. It came together nicely. I love the pic of you and can’t wait to see the little one.

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