Yeah Yeah Yeah, I know…

It’s been almost a year, I know but I’ve become much busier in the last year and this just kind of fell through the cracks, I’m sorry. But let’s just forget about all that and enjoy these pictures because it could be another year before I post anymore (just kidding, I will try).

Holly started Tennis lessons last night. She loves playing it on the Wii so I figured why not let her learn how to play in real life. The lessons are only 30 minutes each week (which I found out was just enough time for them) on Friday afternoon’s for 4 weeks. I’m not sure if they offer more after the 4 weeks but I’ll figure it out then.

Now of course I’m her mom so I’m going to say she did good, but really she did good! The first ball Sarah tossed to her she hit, right over the net. OK, granted she was standing only about 5 feet from the net BUT not all the kids hit it over the net. AND she held the racket correctly and swung it exactly as Sarah told her too, which again some kids did not do properly. So yes, this mama was proud of her, she was a natural.

I took my camera with me but then left it in the car and I was too lazy to walk all the way back to the car (honest) so I used my phone. I know bad mama but I will not forget it next time and will get more close up pictures and maybe I might even post them here!

(let’s see if I can remember how to add pictures lol)

Checking out the racket…

Reaching high for the ball and she hit it!! (she’s the one in the middle in the pink)

Another hit!! Yeah Holly!!!

Allison wanted to play too, but she’s too young. You have to be 5. But all in all she did really good. She sat on the edge of the court and gathered the balls as they were hit into the grass. She was very proud to be able to help out.

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